Thursday, 28 February 2013

Seattle, here I come!

Tomorrow my friend, Miss A, and I are hopping on the Clipper and heading to Seattle.  It's my first trip away since having Sadie and, apart from a little guilt at leaving for three days, I'm super excited!

This isn't just any old girls weekend - this is a GEEK girls getaway!  We're off to the Emerald City Comicon and I don't think either of us could be more excited.  If you've never been to a comicon, that's just sad.  They are a huge amount of fun - from the amazing artists selling seriously awesome pieces, to the many and varied panels, the gaming areas, and all of the cool costumes that can be seen, not to mention the celebrity guests.  If you get the chance, and you're a geek, I highly recommend you go to one in your area.

Last year's draw for us was Wil Wheaton, who you might remember from Stand By Me, or his role as Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG to us fans).  Wil is appearing again this year and I'm really looking forward to Paul and Storm VS. Wil Wheaton on Saturday morning.

This year, Sir Patrick Stewart (eek!) will be appearing!  I'm pretty much beside myself at the thought of meeting Captain Picard - if I miss out, I'll probably have a tantrum back at my hotel room.  

So, for the occasion, my crafting efforts over the last two days have been to finish up my shirt for this year.  It looks a little something like this:

And also a little bit like this:

The full reveal will have to wait until after this weekend.  I'm pretty pleased with it, though.  Hopefully I don't forget to pack it.

Apart from the comicon, I'm also looking forward to paying another visit to Stitches.  It's a great little fabric store in Seattle and I try to stop by every time I go there.  Since we'll most likely go to the Pike Place Brewery at least once, I'll probably be popping in to Undercover Quilts at some point, too.  Comicon, beer and fabric stores - what more could a girl want?

Apparently we get free wi-fi in our hotel room, so I may do a couple of posts about the fun times at Emerald City and around Seattle while I'm away....unless I'm having way too much fun :)

Oh, and just quickly - I got this bit of awesome in the mail yesterday:

A thank you from the kids at Desert Bus for Hope, including a sweet Desert Bus Crafter badge.  To learn more about why I found this in my mail box, see this post at my old blog.

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Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Welcome to my new blog!  If you've followed me over here from The Happy Ranter or Pro-Craft-Inate, thanks for making the move and if you're new to any of my blogs, old or new, it's nice to have you here.

At some point I will be moving all of my previous posts over from those old blogs and archiving them here.  Before that happens, I'll be leaving them active so if you like, feel free to pop over and have a read.

Why the new blog?  It had been quite awhile since I last updated those blogs and quite a bit changed in my life over the past year and a half or so.  After trying for years, my husband and I were lucky to welcome our daughter into our family and we moved back home after spending a couple of years in Vancouver (longer for my husband).  Those were the most outwardly noticeable changes but a lot has also changed within and I just feel like it's time for a fresh platform to express myself.

With this new space I want to create something a little more cohesive and all encompassing, rather than splitting myself between two blogs.  I'm starting to find a little more direction for myself and want a clean slate to focus my energy.  So, Telltale Thread is born!

This space will be mostly craft oriented but there will be plenty of other aspects of my life thrown in, not forgetting a good rant every now and then (wouldn't want to deprive anyone of that!).  I hope you'll come back and that you enjoy what you find here.


Copyright 2013. Please do not use any images or words from my work without first asking and being granted approval. Thank you.