Saturday, 4 May 2013

Quilting for a good cause...

 Happy Star Wars Day!  Because, you know, it's May the Fourth.  If I have to explain that to you...well, let's just say 'this is not the blog you're looking for'.  Geek jokes!

On this gorgeous, feels-more-like-summer, spring day, I have managed to steal enough time at the sewing machine to finish up a second quilt top using most of what you see below.

A whole lotta colour!

I've made both quilts the same, although one may get a little extra in the way of applique but we'll see if time allows.  One of the quilts is for a little guy who is currently being treated for Acute lymphocitic leukemia.  Owen is very young and I was told that he likes cars so I found a cute little organic cotton car print and put it together with a lot of bright colours.  Hopefully it will put a smile on his little face.  If you want to help out too, click here to donate.

As I said, I've made two of the same quilt and the second one will be donated for a silent auction that will be happening in the near future to raise more funds for Owen and his family.  The details of when and where that will be happening are still being hammered out, but I will be sure to update once I have information.

I should be able to finish up the quilts over the next couple of days, at which point pictures will be posted! 

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