Thursday, 13 June 2013

No Sewing Machine = Trying to Keep Myself Busy

I decided it was about time I took my poor Pfaff in for a service.  She'll be gone about a week and my craft table is looking rather bare.  Since there's a little more space for a bit, I decided maybe I should try and get things organised and give you a peek at my creative space.

 Here we have the beginnings of getting organised - fabric piles, paper piles, stack of thread boxes, snaps everywhere.  Off to the right Tiny Donnie watches over all.  He's not much help though.

Even my chair is in a state of disarray, covered with a half finished quilt.

Underneath the desk, behind the chair, is a stack of batting in bags - 4 different bags, all with differing amounts of batting.  Usually my yarn bag is under there, too but it's currently residing in the living room.


The madness continues to the left.  Piles of fabric and two new boxes to house my jewellery findings, brooch backings, etc and all of my oven-bake clay and molds.

We won't discuss what's happening in the blue drawers.  At least it's contained.

More chaos!

Okay, this next section isn't so bad - it's almost neat!  Fabric is folded or wrapped around comic book backing boards (super easy and cheap way to keep any yardage you have under control), books are on the bottom (over-sized books stacked on top), and my Game of Thrones figurines are watching over everything.  The white boxes with coloured labels in the bottom right corner are where I keep all of my fabric scraps.

Under control!

Outside of this small sun room, I do have use of a hutch for storage as well.  Oh, and there is a wheeled wire rack that houses some fabric - not sure how it managed to escape being in the photos.  Oops.

While getting organised will help make things a little smoother when I'm working on a project, for now the purpose is mainly to make things easier when this all gets packed up and moved.  We're about to start looking for a house of our own (Eek!  First time home buyer excitement!) so, I'll be figuring out a new creative space some time in the next few months.  Really looking forward to that because it will be the first time I'll be able to paint and decorate without having to consider ease of reverting everything back to it's original state when we move.  Can't wait!

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