Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Welcome to my new blog!  If you've followed me over here from The Happy Ranter or Pro-Craft-Inate, thanks for making the move and if you're new to any of my blogs, old or new, it's nice to have you here.

At some point I will be moving all of my previous posts over from those old blogs and archiving them here.  Before that happens, I'll be leaving them active so if you like, feel free to pop over and have a read.

Why the new blog?  It had been quite awhile since I last updated those blogs and quite a bit changed in my life over the past year and a half or so.  After trying for years, my husband and I were lucky to welcome our daughter into our family and we moved back home after spending a couple of years in Vancouver (longer for my husband).  Those were the most outwardly noticeable changes but a lot has also changed within and I just feel like it's time for a fresh platform to express myself.

With this new space I want to create something a little more cohesive and all encompassing, rather than splitting myself between two blogs.  I'm starting to find a little more direction for myself and want a clean slate to focus my energy.  So, Telltale Thread is born!

This space will be mostly craft oriented but there will be plenty of other aspects of my life thrown in, not forgetting a good rant every now and then (wouldn't want to deprive anyone of that!).  I hope you'll come back and that you enjoy what you find here.


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